Well to say I am gobsmacked is an understatement,a visit from the one and only "bigpaws" and I never even knew I had been "pawed"oh what a wasted opportunity,If I had known he was cumming I would have made a bit more of an effort ha ha,I could have baked a cake and shaken a couple of cocktails
I have just got home to Manchester, and just wanted to say a big big thanks to everyone I met,I had a blast,you guys are really fun and even showed me a thing or two,and thats not easy
Well gotta go and soak my red hot bits in a lovely scented bath,so to all you sexy guys out there.....stay lucky, and to my hero...MR Paws, I will keep my special outfit on ice for you,come on...ya know you want too.
A special hello to "Pat" sorry we did not get together on the day I left, hope we can carry on where we left off when I am back in Dublin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kisses on the bottom