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    just to let you know of a certain english ts here in dublin and is about to embark on a nationwide tour - she goes by the name of TS VYDA

    i called her on saturday evening enquiring about meeting on sunday morning only to be told very rudely to call back when i am ready to meet her!!

    that should have been the hint that i needed to forget about this piece of shit!!

    i stupidly rang her this morning and made an appointment to see her at 12.30pm at her hotel for an hour - price was agreed and details exchanged etc.

    as i was running a little late i called her at 12.40pm to say this and that i would be there by 1pm - i was told no problem and to ring when i was at the hotel lobby!

    i arrived at the hotel at 1pm and rang her only to be told that she had accepted and met another person a few minutes before!!! she tried telling me that she thought he was me even though she had my name and mobile number!!

    she said she'd call me right back and to wait!

    stupidly i did - and i rang back after 15mins to see what was going on - no answer!!

    i rang back several times after that - my last call while sitting outside was a full hour later after the first call from the lobby - no answer!!

    i left a message to call me back - no call made!!

    i decided to call her this afternoon and again - no answer!!

    this person is nothing but a time waster and a fraud!!

    VYDA - go back to england and stay there - we need more Ts girls here but your kind we can do without!!

    this is your first time here and you've already over stepped the mark - we hear from escorts all the time about how their precious time is wasted by messers - well i don't need my precious time wasted by the likes of you!

    i don't know whether you'll see this or not - but its not for you anyway - lads - the only way escorts are going to learn not to overbook or double book is to avoid using them - they soon realise that screwing the customer means just that and not wasting our time!!!


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    Under her feet

    Default what??

    Quote Originally Posted by Clainaide View Post
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    And what this is all about???

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    Quote Originally Posted by pablo_23 View Post
    And what this is all about???
    Its called "spam" Pablo the mods must be tied up in the cave

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