I normally use the website for getting information only but felt that I needed to post this.

The services being advertised by one crew operating out of Charlotte Quay are completely misleading.

I booked 20 year old Sophia yesterday (who is supposed to be independent) and asked if A levels and OWO were available. I was told that both were included in the price quoted. Before I went in to the premises I again phoned to say I had arrived and confirmed the same information with the agency receptionist.

I discovered when I met the girl that the agency charges an additional 100 for extra services and that she does not do either of the services mentioned above.

Her profile registers her as independent which she is not and she has reviews from 'punters' who claim that they got services which she does not provide.

I will leave it up to yourselves. I certainly will not be going near anybody operating out of this location in future.

The photos for the girl were accurate but this was the only thing accurate on her profile.