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    Say if you are visiting the same escort over a period of time who charges 250 should you expect a discount?? i know it depends on what kind of relationship you build up with the girl and all that. usually i try to see as many new escorts as i can but ive taken a shine to one girl and wouldnt mind seeing her again but at over 250 a pop it wouldnt be very often.

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    It s tricky one.
    It depends on girl and as you said relationship you built up.

    Personally me is meeting constantly guy for overnights couple of times a month,so he get great deal which is suggested and decided by myself.

    Guys that visit me once a month and then announce themself a regular and ask,demand,espect discount probably would be the last ones that would get it,but if i decide to do so for liking someone,or seeing me on a regular bases maybe at least once a week,then it would make me to think about it naturally,and observe such decision.
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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