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    Is it true that women are being advised to offer food to punters and to list food requirements when they are going for outcalls?
    Someone told me about it and I did not believe them. What is the point?

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    That was a joke on April Fools

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    Talking hahahahahahah

    hahahahahahahahahahah!!!! What a full!! hahahahahahahah

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    Talking Pity to spoil the joke.

    Sarah, it's a pity you did'nt keep the April Fool's Day joke up with srog. I can just imagine him trying to organise his next in-call punt, particularly if the escort is chinese with limited English:

    Escort: Herro.
    srog: Hi it's srog here. Are you available for business at 6.00 p.m.
    Escort: Yes, how lon u won?
    srog: 30 minutes. Is your rate inclusive of the meal?
    Escort: Wat! Wat u won? Say ageng please.
    srog: Beef curry with boiled rice, 2 spring roles, prawn crackers and a diet coke please.
    Escort: Wat, I escor. U won fluck or u won eat. U won eat, u buy!
    srog: But the new law............
    Escort: I escor. Do in-call oly, no take away.
    srog: But the new law states that you have to feed me before I can fuck you.....
    Escort: U take piss.......stupid flucking florner.
    srog: No I d'ont require watersport, just a little anal will do.
    Escort: Fluck u - u no fluck mi ass...... u no eat mi flood.........u take flucking piss.
    U go or i call police.

    Has the makings of a great comedy sketch, d'ont you think. My apologies to all the nice chinese people for taking liberties with their knowledge of the English language. Many chinese speak velly good inglish indeed.

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