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    Wont be around tommorrow and on Thurs at 11.00 am approx Uncle West will be knocked out for a keyhole surgery for a dethachment of his semimembranosous tendon.Theres a fancy term if there ever was one.

    So just a quick reflection.Interesting how people are cribbing about escort prices when the cost of comsumables have once again increased and they say nothing about that.This means that a higher cost of living ,less escorting basically.

    Myself and a buddy are now going to a pub where lots of sweetie are playing bingo.Must learn quick.

    How the fuck do you play bingo???

    A funfact.....a ladder fell earlier from the house next door and just missed Westside and that big lesbian "The Albino Manatee" actually looked annoyed that it missed me.

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    Good luck Westie, we'll be thinking of you x

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