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    Morning all,

    I'm considering heading away for a few days somewhere in Europe....for normal touristy things and the not so normal touristy things (i.e. strip clubs, escorts, etc...)

    Have already been to Prague so thats off the list, was thinking maybe Riga? or Warsaw or Krakow?

    Any advice?

    Thank you,

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    Have just realised this probably should have been posted in the sex tourism forum...not sure how to move it though.... sorry bout that

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    Default Amsterdam

    it may not be most original choice but go to the Dam I would recommend getting callout from this agency phone no.0620100200 ask for an escort Sandra shes a 20yr old stunner worth going just to see her! 140e AN HOUR

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    Wink Spain.

    Had cause to visit Castellon/ Valencia a number of times over the last few years.
    The weather i sgreat and the clubs are wild. there is a club in castellon calles oasis and it is wild......
    Like a kid in a sweet shop..dozens of girls parading around in next to nothing and all you have to do is stand at the bar and let them come to you...

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for the advice. Not sure about Amsterdam really....Valencia thats a possibility.

    Still tempted by Poland though I have to admit.

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