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    Shy guy looking for first time punt with a friendly girl. I've looked at lots of reviews but still cant make my mind up! I'm a very quick cummer so looking for a girl that will let me come a few times. Can anyone help me out?

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    Default Dear Dan

    Dear Dan,

    I read your post with heartfelt concern and I have to be honest it brought the memories flooding back. I know what you're feeling, for I too was that man. Up until now I never felt the need to reveal my expereince to anyone else. But I know you're caught in a corner and how could I turn my back on a fellow human being about to make a life changing decision.

    I have never shared this with another living soul, mainly as I didnt want to start a rush. But I truly believe I have the answer to your prayers.

    So here it is. I have found the most beautiful woman, who does oral sex to completion, anal and full sex. She is blonde, busty and beautiful and is always available. Never ever ever does she say no. She will take it in any position, she will do 3somes, lesbians shows and you can cum as many times as you want however long it fact you name and she will do it. BUT BEST OF ALL IS THE PRICE!!!! and this will prove conclusively that the girls on here are ripping us off. All she costs is €64...YES YOU READ IT RIGHT €64 for all the sex yoiu can handle. you can find here here at
    Dont thank me...I'm just glad I could help.

    PS: Dont smoke in bed with her, if you should be sure to have a puncture repair kit on hand.

    Your friend,

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    ha ha, langer, help the poor guy out.

    to answer your question, Sara from Prague is the girl you want.

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    Thanks Langer but I'd prefer to try some real flesh!

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    Thanks Timmy I'll try her.

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    Hi Dan.

    I'm pretty new tothis too, the first punt i had was a bit rough and the next couple got better, if you want somebody who will treat you well & with respect get yourself to Kilkenny and spend some quality time with Lynne.. She is a diamond.. Met her last week and i was soaked to the skin, we had a great laugh and she hung up my suit to dry and every thing else is between me and Lynne. But you will not meet a nicer girl..
    Go for it!!!

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