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    Default Angelique?.....

    Does anybody know where Angelique is? She hasn't toured here for a while - Is she still around or has she left us for good?


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    Don't you know???????
    I tought everyone is informed.
    If you know her details,google will be your friend,if you dont,cant help,as i would be breaking rules probably,and have respect for that girl,as she was nice girl sometimes,and in good mood she would give world for you.
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for reply - I've been away for last year so I don't know any news on Angelique. Is she OK? I had some really great bookings with her and just wanted to know if she still tours here occasionally. If you have any details for her pass her on my regards...she'll definetley remember me!



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