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Thread: Waddahell!!!!???????Too many Naomi's..

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    Default Waddahell!!!!???????Too many Naomi's..

    Is that getting sweets on someones account,or just coincidence that someone wants to be somethingnaomi?

    Only and one 'proper' Naomi i know is Sexy Naomi-i have image of blondish sexy girl with nice smile,and bunch of great reviews.

    Can people not be more original and choose different names.

    We have new Naomi-horynaomi what a name! Spelling problems?or n was unavailable?
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    Hum, Care to explain? Where's the girl's profile?

    If that were true I'd say it's a huge compliment to Naomi but I would understand why she'd be annoyed at the fact that someone is trying to imitate her nickname.

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