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Thread: Photographer needs tfp models for Portfolio

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    hi all
    im a semi pro photographer returning to ireland after a few months in cyprus. im looking for anyone male or female interested in developing or updating their photo portfolios. im building my own masters degree in photography portfolio so im looking for a 'time for photos' arrangement. the shoot would cover a range of different styles to meet both our needs. i need some lingerie, candid, fine art, fashion makeup and 'painting with light' shots.
    the experience will be discreet, cordial and professional, with excellent quality pictures guaranteed.
    if youre interested please let me know.
    also if any of you are in cyprus over the next two months and are interested in a beachwear shoot do please get in touch.
    best regards

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    I need some new pics! Do you have a studio?

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    Lightbulb Watch out mate!!!

    Better watch this one ! She will take you for all she can get, do you have wide lens photography equip
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