Hi all

Just thinking about the thread about reviews being posted and some of the posts in there. I was just the other day browsing this site and looked at one of the girls profiles and the picture although verified was blatantly scanned from a magazine, newspaper or some other type of printed (printed using inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black). These inks are printed in a certain pattern that leave a trace when they are scanned almost like a moire (moyra or moray depends on which side of the river you're from) so advice to the escorts who are submitting scanned images from print, set your scannner to descreen before doing so.

Another thing I've noticed and I've done it so many times is to remove blemishes, skin tone differentials, spots, birthmarks, putting heads on bodys for CEOs of major corporations for their annual reports, anyway, a good photographer will do this anyway when he's processing (importing them into aperture or the adobe equivalent) and retouch before supplying to escort before she supplies them to here, but you can tell they're retouched.

Now let me get on to the MOBI photo, how bad are they, low light, bad resolution, ffs you're pulling in 6 times an hour that I do (and I think I'm expensive) go buy a decent 7 megapixel camera (less than 100 now), get a decent high wattage lamp (environmentally friendly of course) and then email the pics in from the computer. THey'll give you a much better colour range and resolution.

Ok now I'm ranting, lack of sleep this week and Pat you should consider embedded flash slideshows or quicktime slideshows in a decent rez, could be that added value to the website you've been looking for.