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Thread: beware of these fakes!!!!

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    Thumbs down beware of these fakes!!!!

    just found two posts by the same user under "female independent escorts" and "ts /tv escorts".

    these frauds go by the names "claudia" for female escort and "jennifer" for ts/tv escort!!

    these people are highly dangerous and are to be avoided at all costs!!!!

    i'm not kidding when i say that - i have replied to their threads on each of the above headings indicating same and already "jennifer" has shown itself to be the liar that it is, by saying that it doesn't know any "claudia" even though they posted under the same user name!!!!!!

    want more proof?? go to another site - very similar name to this - and look under "transsexuals and crossdressers" and look for any posts with "jlo" in them - thats their user name there!!!

    a very well known and long time poster there (trelock) was threatened with physical violence for standing upto these fakes and was barred by the administrator after "jennifer/claudia/jlo" threatened to stop advertising on that site!!!

    you have been warned - don't waste your time or your hard earned cash!!!!

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    That's so shameful, and it looked as if everyone (escorts) was so honest , well as I said before I already retired from the punting secene here in Dublin a year ago, and I take my chances on a day trip down to Alicante, Barcelona, even Prague over night... well worth the time, the money, the experience... and alwyes feels as I am being treated like a King.

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