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Thread: Patricia Sweets??

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    Default Patricia Sweets??

    Glad i spotted this one.

    Will you please remove the second post in this thread as its contents are incorrect and it serves no purpose here or anywhere else for that matter.The guy is mixing up three different people.Im not suggesting he said it with any malice but there is a time and a place.

    I have pmd you details of the people and kindly remove the thread or at least the post.

    For Wildone,nope Marie no longer works on the st, hasnt done so since 2005 and moved on for personal reasons that will not be mentioned here or in pm.

    ta ta Sweetie,

    Oh yep one other thing, PunterPong and Mammy need to comfirm your stupidity for me.

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    That's done for you sweetheart.

    How was Germany? We missed you x

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    Default Thanks Sweetie.........................

    Quote Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
    That's done for you sweetheart.

    How was Germany? We missed you x
    It just goes to show that you'll do what your told at least sometimes

    Germany was great but no fun coming back the next day with a hangover.Plus i get home sick easily.If i got a taxi somewhere id nearly be homesick by the time i'd get out of the bloody thing.The funny part of Germany for me was my buddy.Havnt seen the guy in eight years.He got married in a registry office to a british girl two years ago or something like that.This guy was a messy and troublesome guy when he was in Ireland.Hes in Germany for about ten years.Enter the Wifey.His girl has really calmed him down.An almost DanielODonnolian look about him or maybe its Germany??Who knows.Something about the continent and calmness.Maybe WW2 sorted everything out.

    And hey Sweetie ,its 2008 and im not supposed to be here.Well i had to have a look ,you know,the Anti-West brigade will start to show up as time goes on.Anyway the year wont be long going.2008 resolution is to enjoy myself in 2009

    In Cork during Xmas ,a lovely mature on her own,bloodly clown goes over to her and she runs off with her coat.Damn Sweetie ,i was just going to head over.I think guys that do this should be executed.She was a nice Sweetie,Sweetie.

    Im going to Guam for good,

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