I always said that id be around a year and then off. A final ..oh yeah before anything else.........look loves if your an escort and you contact me with an ulterior motive then please dont make yourself look positively stupid.Im not referring to anyone in particular.Of all the escorts who pmd me during the year and yep there were a few....only one ....one did so with no ulterior motive of any sort.Alexi Diamond ,i hope your reading this.You have my respect as a person,not an escort ,as a person and an individual.You show class and deserve the best.Hope all works out for you.

A final ramble.One thing i realised in a lot of people (im not saying im great or anything...just feel it) is they have goals in life but somehow for whatever reason they never achieve these goals.In the end they simply give up with the mindset of, ah only others get good things,im not worthy,im just an average person.Two simple things are wrong with this.

If you have a goal you need two things,a plan of action and self belief.

Lets say an escort has a goal of wealth.You need targets ,speicific targets and mini goals to hit.Its like losing weight.Aim for a five pound drop every two months.That is fuck all,yet add it up.....over one year.......5x6=30 ibs.the years fly.Double this for two years = 60ibs.Set small goals that youll easily acheive and build your confidence with and fuck everything and go for it.do it in various areas of your life and watch what happens.Same with money,invest a little at a time and see it build up.

Self belief.This comes from two things,paying your dues and acheiving those small goals.A person could be confident in one area and very poor in another.Here is a hint,say your losing weight,well when your doing what you need to do and can see in your minds eye where you want to be ,your 99% there.

By the way ,if you want to lose weight eat/drink less and move more.Stop being a lazy geit and put tape around your mouth.We all screw up,its part of life but the difference between those that move on and those the dont ,is the way that they interpret setbacks.

In 1998 i rip my shoulder joint to shit and was opened up and fixed up but was told never again will you see the inside of a gym.In 2001 i ripped my left abs right accross the muscle belly.Couldnt even ride with the pain.again no more,your finished,all from so called experts in there field.I say this not to uplift myself but to uplift any person reading this that feels like life is going against them.I am in touch with a guy in the US who was told he would never walk again and is now a world champ.I seek out those who have done great things and learn what i can learn from them.

Why say all of this?Simple,i cant give you an Xmas present physically but can mentally.At the end of the day ,when your on your deathbed you can look back and say "yeah i did a good one there".And thats coming from someone that came every close during the year.

Take it easy and God Bless,

(Did i break the world record for goodbyes and returns??????)