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    I was having a look around the different girls and their profiles, I don't know why i clicked on "Aba" , but i noticed that just under her rates for a 24 hour service ( 10k lads if your interested--i think not), she has " only Irish wellcame", i have to presume that this means only Irish welcome.

    Whilst I welcome the fact that Aba is strictly reserving herself for the best looking males on this little green island of ours, i would be disappointed if some of the escorts were shall we say "denying" our forgein friends their right to a bit of fun, it is obviously the absolute right of the the escort to refuse to take a client, she can hear the sound of his voice over the phone, and tell alot from the intonation he uses, type of language, etc, but to boldly print it is a totally seperate matter!

    It is not that long ago when thousands of Irish men sought work in London, Birmingham and other British cities only to be presented with signs at hostels and guest houses that read "No Blacks and No Irish".
    Disrimination in any field of work should be eradicated swiftly.
    thats my ten cents for today...
    i must be frustrated

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    I don't think we should jump to conclusions that Aba means she only sees Irish men as she could mean something else, but either way, we know the issue you have brought up does exist to some degree.

    I personally think it is a really tough issue.

    Of course the signs they used to have in the UK saying "No blacks or Irish" were wrong.

    But escorting is sooooooooo personal. Being an escort is not like providing service to another human being in any other industry, is it?

    I can understand that some escorts come to Ireland from Poland (for example) and would rather not see Polish guys, for fear their family might find out what their 'secret career' in Ireland is.

    Likewise, if a lady really doesn't fancy men of a particular ethnicity for example, or disabled persons for another example, or men much younger than her for another example, should she see them anyway, even if she feels she can't give them the best service?

    On the face of it, discrimination always seems wrong, but is escorting soooooooo personal we have to make allowances?

    I know some ladies who are quite happy seeing any type of client once he is clean and respectful, but others are more choosy.

    I would be especially interested to hear from clients who have been told an escort would rather not see them because of their age, ethnicity, disability, nationality etc. Were you angry, did you feel discriminated against, or were you pleased the escort was honest enough to say that she didn't feel she was the best escort for you?

    Pat x

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    Exclamation Seig Pat!!!

    Jaysus Pat, you should be a politicain!!
    Hitler couldn't even defend racism that well ...............

    Gone ........... and forgotten?

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