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Thread: Male Escorts VS Female Escorts

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    Hello all the free spirits

    I was wondering about the business of male escorts in Ireland.

    I know in UK it is popular and males in escort business don't really need another job...

    But do here in Ireland, Ladies contact these gentlemen for service or not.

    Maybe not and thats why they advertise themselves as BI-MALES. Some of the profiles listed on E.I are as follow

    Calling all ladies and gents, who has used male escorts to vote.

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    Y'know... here and there...


    I don't think there is call for straight male escorts, anywhere, if anyone can show me differently i'll be shocked!
    But there is always trade for gay/ bi males working for men.

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    A friend of mine claims to have worked as a male escort in London, servicing middle aged professional ladies.

    I, of course, said he was full of shit... but he was very convincing. He says he'd work twice a week usually escorting these ladies to business functions and afterwards, occasionally sex would be on offer provided there was mutual chemistry. (I guess, if she was mingin' there'd be no way he could get it up?)

    Apparently, these ladies are very career driven and don't have time to date or develop relationships outside of work.

    He also said he really didn't make enough to live comfortably in London, only making 300 every time he worked.

    Anyway, he also says there are men who escort in Dublin doing these gigs... who knows.
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