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Thread: Fake reviews

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    Default Fake reviews

    I see another guy posting fake reviews, of them it is today for Georgina.
    The same guy wrote three reviews the same day (today), sad

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    Default Why doe it have to be Fake?

    Why does a review have to be fake if posted on the same day, also this person reviewed her in August of this year as well, most of her review are pretty good, so what is the evidence you are using to base your conclusion on?
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    Default reply to accusations

    hi naomi
    i believe you might think that i posted those reviews. well i posted a few today as i haven't been on the site for ages.
    well i posted the georgina review before i read your story about when she was living with you and attacked you. had i read that first, i would have thought twice about writing another review in support of georgina because that thing that happened to you seemed very unpleasant. (i did spot her in the background in your apartment when i came for an appointment with you, and you didn't seem overly enthusiastic about living with her and were hoping that your friend alexis moves in.)
    i did meet georgina, and i had a very good experience with her.
    i also met you once, naomi, and i enjoyed your company very much too... you might be quite possibly the chattiest of all, in a pleasant way of course. if you want me to specify for you to be sure, i have no problem doing that.

    but those reviews aren't fake and nobody asked me to write them. i havent been to dublin since september, and i just wrote my review on a couple of previous punts where i didn't leave one before, and another one warning people about someone posing as mexican with fake pics...

    any further questions?

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    Default Apologize

    ok. if you statement it is true, I apologize.
    I have been living with Georgina and I heard her on the phone to her friends or clients several times asking them to post fake reviews because she got a bad one so they did, I thought that it is not fair and I was very up set about it.
    Also I have spend loads of money paying the cleaner to clean her mess(she wouldn't give me half or clean herself) or even I clean myself the house all the time but I don't like to be anybody else cleaner.
    Georgina has up set me big time but anyway I have move out (I beleve, the letting agency has asked her to move out after I've gone but this it's not longer my business) I hope I don't see her again in my live cos this girl is bad news, remember this line cos I mean it.
    Happy Christmast to all, end of story xxx xxx Naomi

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    i'm genuine. i wrote that thing before i read your post about your problems with her. anyway thanks for clearing that up.
    good luck at your new place then. take care.

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