Well i read some stuff today and saw a guy saying he signed up for a newsletter from an escort???I mean please.What in gods name could possibly be in it? Probably a single page manual ,the cover and index inclusive.Oh yes and this months speicial tip...how to get the most of your blow up doll?After all the wanking on last months tip you should be pretty good at playing with the boyo by now.
I mean i read stuff,good stuff.You know Viz, The Dandy,Beano..educational stuff but an escorts newsletter?Like that jiberish that they sell in some stores.Learn how to fly in a weekend (and the school is probably closed on Sundays),how to be a millionaire in a weekend.the same chances of surviving on poultry by breeding,raising and killing your own chickens.
Some shit that people try to sell and push is funny.Oh yes ,with my new 10,000 page manual youll get the woman of your dreams,probably have a heart attack half ways through the thing.

Hello Love what is your name?


Well Sandy can i buy you a drink?

Yes please.

And Sandy what will that drink be?

7-up please.

One 7-up please.

Well Sandy those are great ear rings you,ve got on,did the boyfriend buy them for you?

No,my dad,im single.

mmmm wait a minute (into the toilet to consult the manual.)

This shit annoys me.Bloody buy this and get all of this free. Like selling nicotine to someone and throwing in a casse of cigs with it.

I plead with all of you to stop buying these stupid courses,manuals,tips,rubbish and only designed to confuse you and rip you off.What am i on about? Why would anyone subscribe to an escorts newsletter???For what?

Also ,a little rant.A buddy of mine breaks up with a gf and hes like Oh Westie ,Westie what can i do to get her back? My answer? Stop calling her, stop seeing her,stop bumping into her.And go out and screw around.When you do this and she sees that she will lose you for def and the playing is over and she will have a proper think about it.I dated this girl and christ we break up every six weeks or so.So i head out meet someone else,she get wind of it and low and behold back againSo please,if your a guy and breaking up with someone then give Dr ruth a break.

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