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Thread: Computer hacking investigation

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    Default Computer hacking investigation

    We are all still reeling from the extent of the phone hacking scandal by the news of the world. Now Scotland Yard have started an investigation into Computer Hacking by Newspapers & Media Organisations!

    This really freaks me out. If my phone were hacked it wouldn't be a major issue for me. But computer hacking -which involves intercepting emails, tracking viewed websites etc... would be a serious breach of my personal privacy!!!! I wonder how common this practice is?
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    I fear that it's a even greater practice than simple voicemail interception as so much of our buisness now takes place on the internet, and for example this site im sure we say things here that we would never dream of talking about on a phone and there are so many way's available to track a user ip and that's not counting the access that im sure government's have access to that we wil never know about. How much can we really trust global companys such as Microsoft Google etc ! We now live in a digital world and all the risks to our privicy that come with it i was told a long time ago by a computer nerd type never put ANYTHING on the internet as once it's there it can never ever be removed totally.
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