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Thread: The history of the congratulations thread - Deleted.

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    Default The history of the congratulations thread - Deleted.

    I'm not getting into a long winded debate about this so I'll keep this brief.

    This thread has been deleted for several reasons; 1) It's percieved to be a name-dropping thread 2) It has become a slanging match on a personal level 3) There have been subtle references made to other things in it 4) There are links to competitior sites in the posts 5) The mods and managers aren't in charge of the technical side of the way the site is run, the technical team are and they pick up on these comments and implement them if they are realistic.

    I am not going to ban or infract or do anything regarding this thread. If someone has a genuine technical suggestion, by all means forward the information to me, Nicole or Pauli and it can be looked into.

    There is a proper way of suggesting an idea without any malice, sarcasm or undermining (I am not actually referring to monster_monster here by the way, I am talking generally).

    The past two days is an obvious show of how people are happy when mods are being undermined or belittled. We are criticised for not letting people have there say, and yet we are supposed to stand back and take the insults because we work for E-I? Many of you have come to the mods or Nicole or myself to have real issues resolved and we were quick enough to remove comments on your behalf, so don't expect the staff to take it either.

    If you are not happy with the way things are moderated, you need to let me, Nicole or Natasha know and we can look into the matter. We will need the post and thread these issues are sourced from so we can help you.

    As much as it looks like the management or posting and 'just having a craic', we are posting so that we are shown to be present and available to help you.

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