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Thread: Wanted: A Safe Pair Of Hands for Discrete Fetish Encounters

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    Default Wanted: A Safe Pair Of Hands for Discrete Fetish Encounters

    I need a safe pair of hands to tease and please my penis for 30mins - 1 hour. The result will be an enormous ejaculation of semen and much groaning and gasping by me.

    I prefer baby-oil as a lubricant, I would enjoy tease and denial very much - you control the pace, you start and stop when you want, you ultimately decide when and where I shoot.

    I can return the favour of course, I am curious to feel a hard cock in my hands and curious to see if my techniques can invoke the same responses in you as it does in me (i.e., exquisite pleasure and immense and prolonged relief). If you are female, I can guarantee that you orgasm several times. If you are female you will control and dictate the method/technique.

    I am only interested in hearing from genuinely interested others.

    If you are interested in helping me and in turn receiving what I am confident will be for you the handjob of the year or the finger-job of the year, then please pm me or email

    Males are welcome to wear lingerie, or anything they feel will enhance the experience and make their heart beat faster. Personally I favour wearing a tight black Speedo, and being massaged with baby-oil THROUGH the Speedo while it is soaked and lubed with the oil. The feeling of ecstacy as a hand is periodically introduced INSIDE the swimwear to caress the penis is magical and coaxes the release from the testicles of yet more semen. The hand is then returned to its exterior yet lovingly coaxing massage, to be returned inside again minutes later.

    Females are welcome to wear anything they like - of course clothing/lingerie etc that arouses my cock is most welcome. I particularly favour tight one-piece swimwear on women. I like to caress their breasts through the fabric, tweaking the nipples and teasing the clitoris through the fabric.

    Discretion is of course a certainty.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.


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    Default Correct email address

    Apologies, the email address is

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    Ive always wanted to jerk off a guy, im male and would like to try this i live in meath but can travel.

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    Email me dude

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    i'd love to play with you. 31/m/midlands

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