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Thread: limerick galway,,,,,,,,,

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    Default limerick galway,,,,,,,,,

    hi any know of any action anywhere in the above locations,,,,seems v quiet or am i looking in wrong areas,,,,,oh by the way,,,,in dublin recently ,,,met 19 yr old in o connelll street,,2 pm,,,,seeking money,,,,,good looking v clean,,,,gave great oral in car,,,,nice body,,,knew her busines,,,

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    Default girls in galway

    i was driving behind the cathedral one wet tuesday night and seen a leggy brunette with umbrella in a mini up to her ass and heeled black boots up to her knees. i pulled in , pretending to make a call. she approached, european with great english. she hopped in, unforgettable head! she asked for 50 and i gave her 70!

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    There seems to be one or two girls knocking around alright. was down behind the sex shop there last night and an avarage enough polish bird in short red skirt was walkin about. pulled up and she came over. wanted €100 for everything. bit too much for me. tried to get her down to €70 but no good so left it

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    Was that in Limerick?

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    nope, in galway

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    which sex shop theres a few

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    Default street...

    its hard to beat the street! many risks-cops, syringes, set-ups (hooker directs you to carpark where her boyfriend is waiting-not to say hello), plus generally low hygeine. but many blokes prefer this. i do! i think all the risk helps to increase the sleaze factor. since i was a kid i remember keen lookin' birds, with confirming attire, watchin' the traffic epectantly. you know where you are with a street girl-the encounter equalises both parties.

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    Default scene in galway?

    i checked out 'behind the sex-shop' a few evenings ago, cynically, as i was in galway after all. i circled the block 3 times, every time there was this tall foreign looking girl, red top tight jeans, hanging provocatively off a sign post. looking into the cars. i was sure i had found galway's 'street' scene. when i nodded to her, she looked amazingly civillian again and shyed away. i think in hindsight that the 'signs' were all in my head, due to suggestion.

    scene in galway? if it does not involve booze and gettin' pissed up?

    galway won't do it!

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  9. Default street scene in galway

    has anyone any updates on the street scene in galway

  10. Default galway street scene

    has anyone an update on the street scene in galway?

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