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Thread: Midlands Agency Send Fake Client to Physically Threaten

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    Default Midlands Agency Send Fake Client to Physically Threaten

    And the very most recent incident just happened where the Midlands Agency got a fake client to make a booking with me, When he arrived at the apartment block I gave him the security code to enter, When he arrived at my door, he pushed me inside my apartment and said "Now we Know Where You Are and Fuck Your Friends" .............. My Partner ran after him and he got into a Red Transit Van and sped off.

    This Person has been caught on camera walking from the Transit Van into the aprtment block then leaving and running back to his van.

    His is Described as being: 5'7, Dark Tight Hair, Pale, Early 30's.

    As soon as I can have the video footage looked at I can provide the Reg of the Red Transit Van, in addition to taking this and all my other evidence to the gards.

    The number that was used by the fake client to make a booking is:

    086 *** 2501.

    The Missus

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    Hi Themissus,

    Sorry to hear all this recent event, is getting more and more worrying. Just be careful, i am glad to hear you have all the necessary security around you.
    Be really safe, because this guy are getting more and more out of control.

    I am really happy to know that you are in contact with the garda.

    take really care
    Sasha Eve

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