Hi everyone, am a newbie to EI and the bit of punting! As the title says, I think it's time to end a bit of a famine I've run into lately!

Just wondering can anyone recommend a lady anywhere around Dublin for a newbie like myself to usher away this little sex drought! Don't want anything too revolutionary now like being shat upon or mad crazy stuff, just a good auld ride with a girl that's very easy on the eye and a bit of TLC, (isn't it called GFE on here?). Budget is around the 100-150 yo yo mark.

I know I should be able to work this out for myself, just thought I'd have a bit of a laugh going at it this way, and lastly, I'm a brunette lad for sure and am in my late 20's for what it's worth!

Now I'm brand new to this so go easy on me hehe!