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Thread: site/fave list suggestion

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    Question site/fave list suggestion

    hey just a suggestion, would it be worth while updating the escorts favorites section to include if they give or receive a particular service, e.g. an escort may say she does watersports or rimming but the punter cant tell if she gives or receives the service.

    anyway just a suggestion

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    Anything that helps to bring clarity to the favourites section would be a good thing.

    I know the more experienced or braver punter will say that you should clarify things with the lady when you call to make the appointment but I imagine a lot of clients bottle it like I do – I just find it difficult to ask a lady about the range of services on offer – daft I know but true.

    I read a post on this recently and one poster suggested that in relation to the services listed and whether they are on offer and if any incur an additional price the client use the phrase “does that cover the full service” – a good tip.

    Perhaps in the case of whether an escort offers water sports etc something along the lines of “giving” or “receiving” would help clarify.

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