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Thread: An Interview with Alyssa Jenkins

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    Default An Interview with Alyssa Jenkins

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    I've had the absolute pleasure of chatting with this delightful, witty and intelligent woman about life as an adult film actress and as an escort.

    Alyssa Jenkins is renowned for her roles in films such as 'London Shaggers' and 'Weapons of Mass Satisfaction' as well as being a reputable and High Class Escort. There is much more to Alyssa than being a sex worker, as I'm sure you'll see below.

    Sam: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

    Alyssa: I was about 17.

    S: So how did you get into the adult industry?

    A: I used to be a model and a professional dancer, spending a lot of time in Asia (that's where I learned to speak Chinese)! When I moved to London, I had a friend that recommended escorting to me, she was like, “You get paid for dating”, so I thought I would give it a try. That's how I fell into it.

    S: Very interesting! Wow! So how did you get into making adult films?

    A: As you know, in England, escorts can have their own independent sites... well I had my own site and also advertised with Caprice. Through these sites I was contacted by 'Filthy Fuckers' and was asked to do a video shoot of me with a toy; I'm open minded so I thought, “why not” and did a shoot for Fiona Cooper, using a sex toy.

    S: Cool! And were you nervous doing this for the first time?

    A: I was nervous, but in an excited way! I'm really into voyeurism and it's a real turn on for me when I'm being watched!

    S: Do you often hear that pornography is oppressive to women because it's solely for a man's pleasure, and if you do, what would your response be to that?

    A: I completely disagree with that; as with any industry, there is always a downside to things, but really this comes down personal choice, and a woman should do it if she enjoys it.

    S: Yes, I agree there. So do you enjoy escorting more than making films, or do you enjoy both just as much?

    A: I enjoy doing both. It's nice to have a break from escorting every now and then; it's like eating too many candy bars... you can sometimes have too many! Making porn films is completely different because there is no real intimacy involved. It's more of a role play and I am good at getting into character and I enjoy that, but I do enjoy the intimacy that comes with escorting. I like the variety.

    S: Well Alyssa, they do say that variety is the spice of life! Haha!!!

    A: Haha!!! That's true!

    S: Okay, so what do you enjoy the most about your work?

    A: I love travelling. I've visited so many beautiful places such as Europe and Asia. I get to interact with so many different people and learn so much about their way of life; I'm really into learning about different arts and cultures. There's also the pleasure side of things too! Haha!!!

    S: Haha!!! Well, it certainly has its 'benefits'! So have you ever been harassed on the street by people that recognise you?

    A: Only once. Well, actually in London, everyone recognised me because I was always on every top-shelf, but one particular time in Limerick, there was a bachelor group in a hotel I was staying in. As I left, all these guys were shouting at me and my friends and we didn't really know why. I later realised why the hotel manager kept staring at me; I was on some of the films at the hotel!

    S: Haha!!! Brilliant! That must have been surreal for those guys; watching you on the porn channels at the hotel and then walking out of their rooms seeing one of the stars in the corridor?!

    A: Haha! Yes, I know!

    S: So are you a particularly religious person?

    A: Well, obviously I do believe in God, but I don't exactly attend church every week.

    S: That's fair enough. So how long do you wish to continue in the escorting/porn industry?

    A: I always think that if I wake up one day and didn't like it any more, I would stop. I do have long term plans so I may stop at some point to pursue those, but for now I'll keep going.

    S: Good stuff. What's your favourite 'favourite'?

    A: How do you mean? In porn or escorting?

    S: Sorry, I mean like the list of favourites you have on your profile... what's your favourite?

    A: Oh, right. I love giving pleasure. When I know that the person is going turned on by what I'm doing, that really arouses me! I get turned on by turning others on!

    S: I totally get what you mean! When I'm with a woman and I don't feel she's getting into it, I can't get into it either.

    A: Yes, both people really have to enjoy it otherwise it's not an enjoyable experience.

    S: Definitely. So what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    A: As well as my dancing and travelling, I'm very arty and love to draw and paint and I study a lot. I'm really enjoy home design and maintenance too. I built my home up from scratch and put my own designs to it.

    S: Wow! So you've actually given your home your own personal touch! So what is your favourite location and is there anywhere you haven't been already that you would like to visit?

    A: Yes, I haven't worked in Switzerland and I'd really love to try there. I don't really have a favourite location; every location has something special about it that makes me go back to visit. I love the busy city of New York, but then again I love Cork for a different reason. It would be unfair to say really.

    S: That's a good answer! I like that! Haha!!! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Alyssa. One last question, do you have any tips for new clients that have never seen an escort before and might be nervous?

    A: Yes. Choose someone you really like and go in gently. Have gentle expectations. Perhaps choose someone you think you can really relate to; reviews are a good reflection of this. Always check the escort's favourites so that you will get the most out of the appointment.

    S: Excellent advise Alyssa. Thank you for talking to me.

    A: Thank you, Sam. A pleasure.

    Look out for these movies starring Alyssa:

    - Addicted 2 Butt (episode)
    - Alissia Beck 2003
    - Anal Away Days Vol. 14: Road Trip To Hertfordshire 2005, Dir. Marino
    - Anal Fever 4 2003
    - Armee der Lust alternative title for Weapons of Mass Satisfaction
    - Big Omar's British Adventures - London Cunt Hunt alternative title for Omar's Amazing Triumphs: London Cunt Hunt (as Alyssia)
    - Brit Chicks 2006, Dir. Rock Charogne (as Alyssia (Alyssa on cover))
    - British Slappers 1 2003
    - Call Me (episode)
    - Ces Garces Qui Trainent Les Rues alternative title for Jim slip's UK streetsluts 01
    - Confessions of a Photographer 1 2003
    - Filthy First Time Amateurs 2 - Big Tit 2006
    - Filthy Fuckers 2 alternative title for Johnny Rebel's Filthy Fuckers 2
    - Fiona Cooper DVD 539: The 2005 Valentines Special 2005
    - Fiona Cooper DVD 547 2005
    - Fiona Cooper G65
    - Freddie's British Sluts 12 alternative title for Freddie's British Tarts 4 (as Alyssa)
    - Freddie's British Tarts 4 2003 (2010 for DVD) (as Alyssa)
    - Freddie's Filthy Fuckers 3: Tracy Lain's Clubbing Bimbos 2003
    - Gooeysex No.1 2004 (DVD)
    - Jim slip's UK streetsluts 01 2003
    - Johnny Rebel's Filthy Fuckers 2 2004, Dir. John Mason
    - Johnny Rebel's Lesbian Lovers 2 2004, Dir. John Mason
    - Lesbian Lovers 2 alternative title for Johnny Rebel's Lesbian Lovers 2
    - London Shaggers 2 2003 (as Alyssia)
    - Naturotica Couples Number 4
    - The Office 2005, Dir. Gary 'tas' B
    - Omar's Amazing Triumphs: London Cunt Hunt 2003, Dir. Omar Williams (as Alyssia)
    - Les P'Tites Anglaises Preferent La Sodomie 2000s, Dir. Fabien Lafait
    - Plump and Busty 2 2003, Dir. Viv Thomas (as Alissa)
    - Road Trip to Hertfordshire alternative title for Anal Away Days Vol. 14: Road Trip To Hertfordshire
    - Sex Experiments 2010 (for DVD), Dir. Anna Span
    - Tight and White 2004, Dir. Paul and Jamie Arbiter
    - Uniform Behaviour 2003, Dir. Anna Span
    - Uniforms 1 2007, Dir. Hazza B'Gunne
    - Viewers' Wives 42 2005
    - Wankstar Love Stories 1 2005
    - Weapons of Mass Satisfaction 2003, Dir. Hazza B'Gunne

    Alyssa's Official Site:

    Blonde Illusion - International Model Actress Companion

    Alyssa, Tipperary Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    Alyssa's Tour Dates:

    07-11-2011 to 08-11-2011: City Centre, Galway
    09-11-2011 to 11-11-2011: City Centre, Mayo
    14-11-2011 to 17-11-2011: Dublin 4, Dublin
    05-12-2011 to 07-12-2011: City Centre, Monaghan
    08-12-2011 to 08-12-2011: City Centre, Monaghan
    12-12-2011 to 14-12-2011: Ennis, Clare
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    Ha ha the dirty limerick hotel manager I bet he couldn't believe his luck
    Join the E-I Fantasy Football League

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    Like your Interview Alyssa

    Well done


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    I've met Alyssa a few times she's a fantastic lady very warm sexy and very smart good interview sam I think a lot of people will enjoy the interview more of this would be great cheers Sam

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    Well done to Sam and Alyssa for taking the time to do this, but I cannot hide the truth from you lot anymore... Sam is a traitorous rat! Why? Cos he posted this over on E-E, E-S and E-W before he posted it here! How long before? A friggin' week! Sam... Shame on you. lol.
    Too much bullshit, too many cunts, not enough sense

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    Love your interview,well done Alyssa.xxxx

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    i think your interview is very good, keep up the good work
    well done Alyssa xx
    I don't even think about myself as an escort but as a temporary girlfriend. I am not a lady who likes to be rushed and give you anything less than 110% of my attention.

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    Great Interview Alyssa, and what a great job you have Sam
    Thank you all the ladies I had pleasure of meeting. Forever grateful for the memories

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    Excellent! Fair play, she really is one of the best.


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    Thank you to Alyssa for taking the time out to do this for us. She's lovely and has a very sexy accent too

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    Alyssa Jenkins (04-07-11)

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