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    Hi I was just wondering if there are any girls out there who offer spanking (receiving) as one of their services. I have been looking around for a while now, but with no luck. I have noticied that some of the girls on this site list SUBMISSIVE, SPANKING & ROLEPLAY, as services they cater for, which ticks all the boxes for me, but when I contact them they say that their service list is old or dated and they dont actually offer those services any more.
    If there are any ladies out there who do offer this service please contact me so I can make an appointment.

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    Cool Spanking

    You will I think struggle with this one mate. This question has been asked a few times previously and the response was nil. It just aint like what it is say in London where such ladies are so plentiful. I just dont know what it is about here in Ireland, theres no doubt that a market exists for such services but nobody supplying on a serious basis.

    Best of luck anyway with your search. Let us know how you get on

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    I have had some look with this just lately with some girls from the uk. Pm me and I will give you the details. I am always looking to meet some new girls too, so if you had any luck since you posted this let me know.

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