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Thread: Captain Pugwash and friends.

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    Default Captain Pugwash and friends.

    I want to discuss a topic dear to my heart and a lighter conversation then whats on offer at the minute.


    Did you watch that as a kid? Did your parents realise what was ACTUALLY being said???????

    My god I dont think so....... Do you remember the characters names to start?

    Master Bates .....

    Seaman Stains........ Come on, what the hellll

    Do you remember any other names...please add
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    Captain Pugwash
    The pompous but likeable captain of the Black Pig. Although he boasts of being the "bravest buccaneer", he is actually quite cowardly and stupid. His greed often gets him into trouble. Despite all this, he usually wins the day - either with the help of Tom the Cabin Boy or through sheer luck. Strangely enough, despite being a pirate, he is rarely seen committing any acts of piracy.

    [edit] The Mate
    A somewhat dopey character, who has a tendency to use malapropisms and to mispronounce common words. He has a teddy bear in his bunk and is quite mild-mannered. It is not entirely clear why he is the mate, as he does not appear to have any authority over the rest of the crew. He was present in the first ever Pugwash story, in which he was depicted as being constantly sleepy.

    [edit] Pirate Barnabas
    The most aggressive of the pirates, but in reality just as harmless. He is quite rebellious and grumpy, and is perhaps marginally more intelligent than Willy, the Mate or the Captain. He was not present in the 1997 series.

    [edit] Pirate Willy
    A simple sailor from Wigan. He appears to be the youngest crew member (apart from Tom). He is a gentle soul, and is against using violence. He does, however, have the occasional brainwave and has been the crew's saviour (admittedly sometimes more by luck than by design). "Just you wait 'til we get back to Wigan - we won't half have a 'tail' to tell!"

    [edit] Tom the Cabin Boy
    It might be argued that without Tom, Pugwash would have been sunk long ago. He is the most intelligent and resourceful member of the crew, the only one who can cook and the only one who can actually sail a ship. Although Pugwash would never admit it, Tom's ability to think up schemes is probably the only thing that prevents him from being a total failure as a pirate. Tom is an expert concertina player, and part of his repertoire is the Captain Pugwash theme.

    He was portrayed with a Home Counties accent in the first television adaptation, and with an Irish accent in the 1997 series.

    [edit] Cut-Throat Jake
    Captain Pugwash's fearsome arch-enemy, captain of the Flying Dustman (a pun on the Flying Dutchman). When he is not scheming to bring about Pugwash's downfall, he is a rather more competent pirate than his enemy, and always seems to have plenty of treasure. He speaks with a stereotypical West Country accent, and is easily recognisable by his eye patch and enormous black beard.
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    Default Some more names......

    Lieutenant Scratchwood
    The voice for the governor and the law for the town of Portobello. In charge of the guard and collecting taxes, he also spends his time chasing criminals.

    Donna Bonanza
    King Of Pandemonia
    Jeremiah Rook
    Myfanwy the Mystic
    The Admiral
    Will Dodwell
    Chris Henry
    Matt Henry

    My favourite.

    Myfanwy the mystic
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    There is a persistent urban legend, originating in the now-defunct UK newspaper the Sunday Correspondent, which ascribes sexually suggestive names - such as Master Bates, Ben Dover, Seaman Staines, and Roger the Cabin Boy - to Captain Pugwash 's characters. John Ryan successfully sued both the Sunday Correspondent and The Guardian newspapers in 1991 for printing this legend as fact. [1] According to one version of the legend, the character was referred to as "Bates, the ship's master" to avoid making this too obvious.

    According to another version, "Pugwash" also had sexual connotations e.g. it could be a term for oral sex used in Australia, but no evidence to back this up has ever been found. In fact the name was believed to have been taken from a newspaper article about the Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, an international organisation that brings together scholars and public figures to work towards reducing the danger of armed conflict, which had its first conference in Pugwash, Nova Scotia in 1955.

    The wide acceptance of this falsehood probably owes something to the long standing associations in people's minds between sailors and ribaldry, as in the song, "'Twas on the Good Ship Venus". This legend may also have been subconsciously reinforced in some people's minds by the fact that there actually were fictional nautical characters with names a bit like these suggestive names. Swallows and Amazons, a very well-known British children's novel, really did have a male character called "Roger the ship's boy" and a female character called "Titty". In The Onedin Line, a very popular BBC television programme in the 1970s, the ship's mate was called "Mister Baines", which in some people's minds could become merged with "Master Mate" to create "Master Bates", and Charles Dickens regularly refers to The Artful Dodger's accomplice Charley Bates as "Master Bates" in the literary classic Oliver Twist.

    This legend may also owe something to the fact that it was shown on the 6.35 or 6.40 slot on BBC1. Scheduling has since changed, but for many years the children's programmes on BBC1 would end with a 5-minute programme immediately before the early evening news, and these shows could sometimes achieve a cult following among adult viewers. They could end up reading more than was there into some of them e.g. the alleged drug references in The Magic Roundabout.

    It has also been suggested that the pronunciation of "Master Mate" was slurred at times thanks to Pugwash's rather nasal voice, and some people could mishear it. Popular industry screenwriting website Scriptmania, presenting a feature on UK Children's television, have produced a soundbite which they claim is taken directly from an episode of the show, containing the words "I certainly did, Master Mate", which can be heard here: -

    All copied and pasted from Wikipedia
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    Default Cpt Pugwash

    Was it not 'Roger the cabin boy'?

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