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    Hello my fellow perves and pervettes. Welcome to a very special edition of E-I news. Actually... There won't be any news tonight because tonight, we have the *E-I Unisex Fashion Show (with a difference)! All are welcome to enter as many entries as they wish, however (and this may be a bit of a downer for some of you) **covered pics only. Each individual post must only contain images of a specific theme from the list below:

    - Country & Western
    - Beach
    - Lingerie
    - Celebrities

    ..... Actually you know what,f*ck the list sideways! There is no theme limit! Whatever theme you want accompanied by AT LEAST 2 PICS PER POST. There is no limit as to the amount of times a specific theme can be used just as long as all the pics are kept new. Just make sure that all pics are compliant with the rules.

    * There are no prizes, no rewards, just a chance to find as many nice non-expilcit pics as you can.

    * This is a unisex fashion show (meaning all genders are allowed).

    ** All pics must be 'covered' to such an extent that any 'special parts' are not completely shown. However, images with bums showing are permitted.

    Anyone who ignores these rules will be... Well nothing will actually be done to you, however I shall declare shenanigans against you!!!

    So without further ado folks, let the E-I Unisex Fashion Show begin!!!


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