have you ever heard of it Elbert Hubbard's a true story 1899

A competent and capable employee which has his mission to bring a message to general Garcia. This man is organized, attentive, cooperative, and able to act independently, it is good doing his job and does not need to be constantly monitored. He is a person focused on results. If a job is assigned to him, he looks for himself how to do it crisp, accured as soon as possible. He has a great confidence in himself and what he does, so it has no fear of being fired. He is a man that can be trusted to carry out any work from the simplest to the most complicated and important.

That is why the President gave it to perform a very important mission: carry the message to Garcia. Puts all its effort and heart into this mission and completes the task assigned. He did not put any excuse not to carry out the mission assigned, nor used any delaying tactic to delay the mission. He did not wonder How did he take the letter? Who is Garcia?, and other questions without meaning. Is not hopeful that others do the work that was assigned to him, or that magically work is done alone. We simply said that he did, he used his own means and carried out the mission.

Always said that the employer is the one who abused the worker and feel great sympathy with the worker. But who has the compassion of the employer who maintains incompetent employees, who steal time and do not do their job well done?

Rowan, the most wanted person and every employer who wants to keep in your company. He is a person who does not need to protest to get a pay rise. A company cannot be successful with employees are incompetent.

It should be educating the youth so that as adults they are complete and comply with their duties as soon as possible, putting the commitment and courage that Rowan when he took the letter to Garcia.
carried by every japan and russia soldier going into battle showing what it takes to be a real man showing what civil service is and what use it is

more than 40 million copies printed

is this is what ireland needs to get out of reccession better people