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Thread: A few tips for newbie's

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    Default A few tips for newbie's

    Just a few points to keep in mind for new guy's that i have followed if anyone has any others feel free to add.

    1. Take your time when picking a girl to see I always check the reviews to see how other clients have found the service provided.

    2. Make sure that any services you want are listed in the favourites by the lady though this can be confirmed on the phone.

    3. When arranging a appointment make sure that you give as much notice as possible some girls are ok with short notice but leave it to late and you may be dissapointed and dont forget to ask if your favourites are on offer some may be extras if so find out how much.

    4. Make sure that you are showered and shaved before leaving for your booking you may be asked to shower on arrival or if you have had a long journey you will want to freshen up anyway.

    5. Be discrete on arrival remember that the escort has to live there and dont arrive drunk as you will probably be refused entry to the location.

    6. On arrival check that any services you have requested are available this will prevent any akward suprises during your time although some services are dependant on hygene and dimensions im sure you understand what this means.

    7. Manners go a long way and just because you are paying for some time does not mean that you have the right to be rude or abusive if something you wanted is not available, and never try and get a reduced price.

    8. The most important thing to remember is that NO means NO the escort has the control of what you do and dont do.

    9. Always respect the escort they do a difficult job and make our lives just so much better.

    10. Dont be afraid to post a review afterwards a positive review will help the escort that showed you a good time get more work, and a negitive review helps punters avoid the not so good.

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    For those of you that find these basic rules difficult to remember, EI have generously had them carved in stone. For your copy simply send a stamped addressed envelope (eh... a big stamp) to

    EI Commandments..
    c/o John Rambo,
    Somewhere accross the water,
    United Kingdom.

    I would like to thank the OP for bringing these commandments to our attention, and would warn that any member who breaks one of these commandments will have to tell it in confession to Lucy Chambers...

    Shirley looks after administering the penance..

    Go in peace....
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