If yes, we want to get you back taking reviews!

If you opted out - Did you know you have the right to reply to any review made of you and your reply will be posted directly underneath the review?

It is now more in your interest than ever to take reviews because we are getting tougher on escorts that don't, as unfortunately we feel we have no choice but to do so, as systems are being abused currently. Please see: https://www.escort-ireland.com/board...5836#post15836

If you opted out because of a problem review, please TALK TO ME... I can go look into the review, and if we can find any proof it is fake, we will delete it for you.

We know there are a few pimps out there writing fake bad reviews of genuine independent escorts in order to try to do them down... Tell us who these pimps are (what aliases they use on E-I)... If there is something fishy going on we will try to prove it and resolve it for all to see.

Pat x