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Thread: tantric massage?????

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    Smile tantric massage?????

    im looking for esort that will perform tantric sex or massage
    i read about it and heard its best orgasm ever
    so plz reply or tell me more about it

    preferably limerick

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    Hi, Just wanted to comment on the post about tantric massage, I am training in tantric massage at the moment, I also offer an escort service but I must say that tantric massage (lingham massage) shouldnt be confused with a sex service. Yes full body orgasm is acheived through tantric massage but this is nothing like a happy ending !! Tantric Massage is actually a form of Complementary Health, iits a an ayurvedic healing art which is deeply spiritual. A proper tantric massage would last about 2 hours and is usually conducted in a typical clinic type environment. It is sooooooo not like an escort service. The fact that it is not a sex service is demonstrated by the rates. A proper 2 hour tantric massage can be got by a friend of mine who has practiced this indian healing art for many years, for 120 Euro for 2 hours, compared to say 450 Euro for a 2 hour escort service.

    If you wanted the real thing and the real price I would advise that you look through some complementary health websites or contact me back and I can give you the details of people who practice this.

    Gina :-)

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