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Thread: Prostitution in Switzerland-- a progressive approach

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    Default Prostitution in Switzerland-- a progressive approach

    I came across this article today about legal prostitution in Zurich Switzerland, and found it to be a reasonable and well-considered measure to address the biggest concern that often goes hand-in-hand with this line of work, whether the concerns are blown out of proportion or not-- that being sex trafficking.

    The new law is basically making prostitution legal in certain zones of the city, not only to keep in relegated to certain areas so that those with delicate sensibilities don't get offended, but also because it's easier to police/regulate, and thus to better protect the ladies involved in the business from pimps and cutting out/addressing possible issues of trafficking.

    While it seems that perhaps nothing can totally illiminate trafficking and pimps, a legal, well-monitored and regulated system for the business can no doubt make it easier to keep things more orderly and safer for all involved, both service providers and clients alike. Here's a link to the short article. Give it a read and tell us what you think.

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    Maybe good and bad Cable , if the escorts are anything but genuine indys then a limited zone is simply going to forming a closed shop scenario to those in control.

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