In a bar this weekend I met a lady. I don't be on the pull mind .... I met her at a function from the other side of the extended family. Never met her before.

She was pissed before she arrived at about 7pm. One of those middle aged unhappy seeming types who tries too hard to be glam and seems to be very animated. Too much make up ..... to many fake smiles. Far too much to say and far too much slurring going on. I got shafted with her for half the night .....

Anyway she was obsessed with money and how much things cost. For example at one point I said I liked the bangle she was wearing which lead her on to telling me all about where she bought it and how much she paid for it. She was constantly giving out about the price of her drinks. She made her way around the room wondering how much this and that person was worth. She told me 100 times how much she was down in her monthly salary because of tax hikes. This went on and on until eventually we were talking about the price of a loaf of bread in the big supermarkets versus small local shops. That's the last thing we talked about because I said fuck this, made my excuses and left. God she was hard work !

So I wonder what makes someone so obsessed with money and the price of things. Like anyone I am well aware of how much things cost approximately but I wouldn't spend that long thinking about it. Seems like this lady had nothing else to do with her time but think and moan about it.