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Thread: Submissive escorts??

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    Default Submissive escorts??

    Hey everyone,

    Been ages since I was on here. Anyways just wondering if there are any straight female escorts out there who provide a true submissive service. What I mean is a girl who will allow quite rough session wit the client in charge? I would like to quantify what I mean by rough also. I'm not talking about hard slapping to the face or anything obviously but some spanking, hair pulling etc... Sorry this ended up a bit long winded and I hope I've explained my request clearly enough (which I'm quite sure I haven't). Hope to get somefeedback soon.

    As a side note do any escorts provide a service where the client can film the encounter??

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    I would be interested as well.

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    I am probably the only genuinely submissive escort operating in Dublin. Will be back end of July so get in touch if you dont find anyone till then. Otherwise good luck.

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