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Thread: Fake photos

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    Default Fake photos

    Can anyone tell me why a fake report like this

    Has fake photos, tineye link:
    picture link:

    So this and lots of other fake reports I have submitted are now not being accepted.

    Which of the rules in this post is my fake reports not following?
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    I've sent you a link to the sticky regarding this already.

    As this has been explained to you a couple of times before, I will reitterate it one last time;

    Tineye searches usually end up either bringing up a single jpeg image, not the actual source of the pictures, or the links don't work at all. By the time we are arguing the toss with the escort about the pictures, the links have expired anyway.

    We cannot just take down the pictures without having concrete proof. This is why the process was updated not so long ago.

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