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Thread: Help me choose BTW 2 TS Girls in Cork...Roberta Roberts or TS Jessica

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    Default Help me choose BTW 2 TS Girls in Cork...Roberta Roberts or TS Jessica

    I am addicted to TS Porn and am always threatening to go see one....find it difficult to sum up the courage....wanna suck cock and take it in the ass for first time....and I'm str8

    So I've narrowed it down to the 2 available in Cork right now...anyone help me choose?

    Thanks in advance

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    hi there,

    i haven't been with either of them but i've always relied on the review system as a guide and especially when they're written by established reviewers - this stops fake reviews by the escorts or their friends!
    so on balance, judging by the reviews, it would appear that Roberta has the upper hand as she has more "greens" than Jessica, however i did see somewhere where a punter wrote he was ripped off by Roberta or her friend!!
    can't place where it is now - it may have been taken down already or it could also have been wrong but i think the reviewer was an established one!
    have to say it is a hard choice, they both look great and traditionally brazilian TS's are well proportioned but the spainish are in the same blood line and can just as hot!!
    one concern would be your comment - wanting to take it in your ass for the first time!! - both say they have 7.5" cocks (unknown what is their girth, ie thickness??) but i would say its not the best thing you could wish for!!
    i'm a top (active) so don't take cock but i would imagine that if you want to be "a bottom" or "passive" then a TS with a small cock (asian TS's) would be the one's to start with!!
    i'd make a point of dicussing this with the escorts on the phone first and see what they say - some TS's don't want "first timer" passive's - also i would imagine that due to their age's, Roberta has more experience and would have met quite a few "first timers" and would know how to handle that "delicate" matter!!
    best of luck - make sure you write a review wether it be good or bad!!

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    Roberta Roberts has now moved to Dublin so you don't have a choice to make! Has to be TS Jessica. Leave a review.

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