You beating about the bush again ahhahahah not that bush,look up at the screen, i mean the literal bush. You and the mods. God youd make a great mother in law. Hey Sweetie,have you a single daughters?? Can Westside meet them. Could you imagine me as a son in law love. God " Patricia was a great person,so sad to see her go.She was in great form yesterday at the my wedding".

Anyway Sweetie.......a few escorts have a problem and where is "The Ultimate Moderator" Natashia?? She is quick enough to come here promptly and pull a no off no worries but when a prob is posted ...nope.

Hey Sweetie, God how many years of in the trenches experience have you?? You must be a devilishly clever devil at this stage.

By the way i just pulled my back tooth out because it was half bust. blood all over the place. Thats good fuckin DNA there Sweetie.

Anyway common now Patty and get off that pert arse of yours and deal with these problems.

Im a problem in my own right,

PS how is jayne and the ladoooooo doing, hopefully not breeding. Stupidity is abundant these days. Who is Sara and is Carly dumb?? or does she talk?