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Thread: Big Problem With Adverting

  1. Default Big Problem With Adverting

    does anyone know what is going on with advertising on escort-ireland? a friend of mine deposited the ad money in the bank and also sent her profile and she's been ringing and no answer i've sent e-mails but no reply. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHATS GOING ON PLZ HELP xxx tatyana

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    Default u are not the only one having probs

    hi tatyana
    i think the same thing is happening with everyone it took me 5 days to get my profile up after i had been told it would be up in 10 mins? it seems that profiles are only being put on everyother day or 5 days in my case which is why no one seems to be staying on the front page for too long its very frustrating but the only thing you can do is persevere with the phone calls
    good luck
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    Default Because

    the admin dont give a shit thats why?? doubt me??

    Ok answer this then,

    why do some indeps get away with posing as indeps when they are in fact agencies??

    why do some get away with false profiles, pics, etc??

    why do some get away with false prices??

    why do some get away with false everything??

    It boils down to one simple fact.The admin dont give a shit. The only time they take action is when a problem is pointed out to them. Now dont tell me that "The Sweetie", a shiney little thing that came up with the idea of this site to begin with wouldnt spot something amiss here. She would spot anything here.

    Look at the money the site is pulling in on a monthly basis?? Hey i wouldnt give a shit either.

    Everyone comes along and bitches and moans and groans and thats it. The only one i see doing anything is The Paws.

    Dont you just love me Sweetie,

    If you two had to ask what you asked i really question whether you made a good decision being an escort.

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    Hi, I agree, I think there is a problem. I am a new Escort covering the Midlands and I have sent Patricia 2 PM's and an email to ask permission to post one message containg my details, you know to see what the response is like before I pay for an advert. Needless to say I havnt had a reply yet. I registered with an alternative site, maybe not as popular but when they are charging half the price and driving 1000's of visitors to my site everyday, who cares !! - And they signed me up within 24 hours and I havnt even sent the payment yet :-) Hows that for a service.

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    oh oh.... they are normally very good with my adverts though.... but if there is a problem at the moment, then I might get on the case now... the problem is if they put you up too early thats no good, as you go off the front page..... if you go up too late then you lose money.....

    I also think the problem is that the guys don't look at your touring date on your profile....

    May I make a suggestion pls to the mods... I think it would defo improve the site...
    If you are a touring escort to put the dates of your tour under the little pic as well, so they know when you are there and when you are not even befor you go.... I know that your dates are on the actual profile, but almost NONEof the clients look at it...

    Also it would be good to set up a seperate bit under each city something like upcomming tours.... where on recievement of payment you could go up with your dates under the pic, so the guys could pre-book. As I find that lots of th guys I've seen before from this site don't know when I'll be back unless they check every day.
    Then once your date commences you go up in the other section and onto the front page...

    What do the mods think about it??????? could you pls consider my suggestion.
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    I admit to being a little disgruntled of late, and at the moment am re-assessing if I will advertise here again.
    Firstly my issue was that I visited for nine days, which was charged at €200, ie the rate is €100 per week. Steep (compared to the other main Irish ad site, which brings in more site hits that this one) but then when I later (but within the same month, both lunar and calendar) wished to add another five day tour, I was disallowed from paying the additional €50 to take it up to the monthly ad rate of €250, but instead had to pay another €100 for another 7 day period...
    Essentially paying €300 for a month's advertising (well, less than a month... total 14 days...)
    But anyway, while I felt it was a bit twisted, I kow-towed to policy, procedure and 'the rules.'

    What majorly p***ed me off though, was that after paying (a separate incident) for a tour and giving the dates of said tour clearly, on at least two occasions to E-I's advertising lady- my tour dates showed in the wrong town on the wrong dates.
    Consequently when I was in Cork, I was still showing here as in Portlaise, as I had been the previous day... Made worse by the fact I was only in Cork for that one day... Ergo, no calls/ work in Cork, but plenty of calls for the town I had just left!
    I emailed the ads lady several times that day to no avail, and then several days later, received an apology that 'emails were being delayed.'
    Not the greatest excuse, and superfluous as an explanation, as my tour dates had been given well in advance, and were set, the emails were not to advise of an alteration...
    When I replied to explain this and to mention that having payed the going rate for a full tour, when my visit was only 4.5 days, to have my ad fail for one of those days was a big loss, having paid hotel etc...
    And I got no reply, not even sympathy or a courtesy on my being out of pocket, either on intangibles or on the very fees this site took in order to advertise me, which they did not!
    THAT pissed me off.
    And when I contacted E- I just last week about paying for my next dates... The reply was instantaneous.
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    Default advertising probs

    i too am reevaluating if i will advertise on this site again
    as i said in my other post my ad didnt go up until 5 days after i had paid,
    although i am not touring (if i was i dont know what i would have done) i do not work everyday of the month so this delay left me twiddling my thumbs for 5 days!
    when my advert did go up so did about 30 other girls adverts who had obviously been waiting just as i had this meant my advert was on the front page for about 15 mins with no chance of being on front page again for the rest of the month unless i pay extra money.
    i know you touring girls pay a differnt higher rate and i feel that they now want more cash from escorts that are permanatly here and that we are now being pushed to pay the 150 weekly so people can actually see our adverts i have also been told if i want to take my adverts down say for a week and put it back up this will also cost an extra 150 each time so due to this dont think i will advertise here permanatly anymore maybe just pay for a week every now and again
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    Default Ladies ,dont ever become fortune tellers please...........

    for the sake of humanity as we know it. I give up.

    Some people cant see the wood for the trees,

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    Default Vote PAWS for Moderator

    I personally think that Paws should offer to take over from Patricia. From the limited insight gleaned from this message board she seems to be usually "on the ball". I suspect that she is either on extended holidays or not in full health at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appoline View Post
    Consequently when I was in Cork, I was still showing here as in Portlaise, as I had been the previous day... Made worse by the fact I was only in Cork for that one day... Ergo, no calls/ work in Cork, but plenty of calls for the town I had just left!.
    I don't use this site for Cork anymore due the amount of agencies & false pictures in the independents section. See this thread

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