..to cheer me up and humiliating themselves! Time for me to show you how useless and worthless you are!
You have the right to do nothing until I allow you to,from your mouth I just wanna hear saying how lucky you are to be punished by me and how incredibly beautiful I am..
Any other comment or complaining just keep it to yourself so you will not get upset your lovely goddess..
You can enjoy my strapon,whips,nipple clamps,you can be tied and teased,I could make your balls and cock suffer,you could be my toilet or my ashtree,I can gag and blind you while I'll hurt you,I could dominate you body & mind easily just looking into your eyes,cuz you are USELESS and INFERIOR!!!

~nipple clamps
~balls clamps
~blind mask
~leather dog-slave mask
~metallic handcuffs
~hand and ankle bed tie cuffs
~wooden torture bed
~hot candle waxing
~vibrating bullets
~variety of dildos
~cross dressing

Shirley Dominant

087 1755020