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    I'm wondering if any escorts have orgasms with clients? If so who?

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    strange question but my reply to you is why not !! do you have a problem with it. i would say that if there is attraction to the client and the lady feels safe well then the awnser is yes but if there is no attraction then the awnser is no. I am sure some of the ladies would quite like an orgasm every now and again. Are you trying to find a lady who does.

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    They nearly all have orgasms in my experience but you have to be prepared to work for it. This should not be a problem as you are there to enjoy having sex together. Otherwise, you are better spending your money on a blow up doll from a sex shop. Escorts tend to be more experienced, less inhibited and have a stronger sex drive than your average girl, all of which make it easier to achieve orgasm.

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    I did...many times....i love sex and if the guy is nice then i can have a real pleasure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualdm View Post
    I'm wondering if any escorts have orgasms with clients? If so who?
    do you want a list of escorts or clients....

    (only joking ha ha.)

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