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Thread: The Apprentice 2011

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    Question The Apprentice 2011

    Bit of a sorry looking bunch this year..

    I suppose with Osama Bin Laden Dead it's time we started searching for the next hate figure ?!?!?!?

    Quote from Guardian forum:

    Don't you just love these photos? They msut have comissioned a photographer who can manage to capture 'spiritual entropy' in the eyes. Each and every one of the people photographed must have watched the apprentice before, must be aware than the most vain, self absorbed and ludicrously narcissistic amongst them will be battered by public approbrium, and yet the emulate the Stuart Baggs's of yesteryear. This must be because

    a) They think that being like the Baggster is normal

    b) They don't think it's normal, but don't consider themselves like SB or

    c) We are in some wholely knew Baudrillardian, Lyotardian level of post modernism, where the ugly simulacra of corporate life that is the Apprentice has now so warped and distorted what we understand to be 'real' behaviour, that it has in fact replaced the real, symbolically anihiliating all 'real' rationality concerning ones everyday conduct towards ones fellow man, and replacing it with some hyper real version of corporate politics and discourse, not disimilar to that seen in Dynasty or the Robocop Movies.

    Of course missing the point that the latter was satire.
    I wonder if Stuart Baggs will be watching it this year tutting and saying: "What a bunch of w*****s?
    My money is on this Chap from NI

    Just look at that determination !!! .....(Tw*t lol)

    Anybody else watch this ?
    Be all that you can be......Just as long as you are Free !

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    My moneys on her although she only gives name, age and location,would have to see her favourites first
    On a serious note I will be watching as I find it quit interesting
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