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Thread: Adult Cinema in Dublin?

  1. Default Adult Cinema in Dublin?

    It was mentioned in the 'Special Cinema in Galway' thread that there was a cinema open in Dublin now and someone else mentioned that one was due to be opened on Dorset Street. Anyone got more info?

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    Anyone have any info?

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    Can you tell me why you would want to go to a public cinema and watch porn with a load of other guys?

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    Well PD1, Adult Cinema's are favourite play locations for swingers, so it's not just guys that attend

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    Default good question, good answer

    Good question PD1 and good answer B4sunrise...
    I was asking myself that exact question, now I have the answer..

    Everyone to their own, i suppose...

    I wouldn't like to end up sitting in one of them cinema seats after one of them special events had been held there!
    I'll never again eat popcorn that has dropped between my legs and made contact with the upholstery,, yeugh...

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