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Thread: A true HERO!!!!!!

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    Default A true HERO!!!!!!

    Fellow punters- the term HERO is used for every tosser who picks his nose these days- but today I want to bring your attention to a real HERO- this guy brought a tear to my eyes, he is a HERO of the finest order, who is he- let me tell you . .
    He is a punter! A fellow punter from China, and last week he proved to all what a hero he is- Now like us all he decided to go to a escort in his home city, Chingchan, while there giving his attention to a escort (or maybe she was giving it to him) the local Police burst in the door, and what did he do- did he surrender in meek submission- fuck no- he jumped out of the window and climed down what looks like a 10 story building! I include the pictures below to prove this, now look at those pictures . . . . . is this guy a hero or a hero?
    What fucking balls he has . . climing down while totally naked, and getting away!!!!
    Why did he do this? who knows, maybe he had a fat nagging wife at home, and he didnt want her finding out about his escort hobby, but what fucking balls he has, would you do that? Clime down a apartment block in Smithfield, totally naked, and run home to your house in Tallaght . .
    What fucking balls he had, a fellow punter from China, a real hero of Punters everywhere.
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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