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    Hi just left this stunning girl. First thing i asked is why dont you have pictures up your stunning. She told me she does not have any. Trust me guys she is stunning i would say best looking t girl i have been with by far. This girl would turn heads every where she went. Amazing fem curves shapely hips leading down to a very peachy ass most girls wont come close to having. She left for a few min a came back wearing g string a belt and high heels with an oiled up body. I can go on and on but will keep it short. I deep throated her for a good ten min then she sat on my face while i licked out her tasty ass hole. Lovely hard cock slapping off my face while i played with her tits. She then lubed me up and fed me poppers to fuck my ass. It felt amazing looking up at this beautiful girl banging me hard. Next she bent over and i got to really see her ass. Lovely tanned body bent over my god those hips and ass i fucked her good and hard and she loved it. When i was ready to come she pulled me out and wanked me over her tits. Best punt i have had ever. I would stay the night if i could. Wait till you see her smile its just beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at her ass as she led me out. One word WOW

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    So you had fun then? She sure does sound amazing, may see for myself sometime.

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