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Thread: EI enhancements

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    Question EI enhancements

    Thoughts on a few enhancements... apologies if said before - I am new to this section!
    If they are already in place - tell me how to do it!

    1 Ability to search for active ladies who have a message board ID - my preferred way of making contact is by PM, and I would love to filter down by this (particularly in Dublin.)

    2 Facility for ladies to show willingness and charge fro 45 min appointments - I respect that some ladies don't want to do this, but as my normal punting time is lunch hour - I can get away for 45 mins and not for an hour.

    3 A refinement on "verified photo" with a "verified photo and date". I have absolutely no problem with ladies whose photos are a little bit old, but would like to know if the photos are not recent.

    4 improve the review stats - there is a month by month pricing feature, how about a month by month review stat feature (the aggregate review stats are useless as they cover such a long time period.

    5 A "confirmed future tour dates / retiements" section or search facility - where escorts can put future plans in (eg I'm back in July or Not coming back or may be back in August)..... not sure how useful, but have occassionally been annoyed in the past when I have spent my limitted funds in one week, only to find a favourite or sought after escort appear a couple of weeks later.

    Now for a more controversial one.....

    6 Escorts to show whether they charge by "time" or "event". As a man prone to showing my excitement at being with a gorgeous lady early in an appointment, but with good powers of recovery, I have suffered in the past with "i know its only 10 minutes, but you've had your ration"

    Any thoughts?

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    nice one god ideas i like the 45 mins one and the reviews but love the idea of ladies being 100% honest as to wheather u are out after 10 mins or get another shot liek a hot escort thats good at her job can make u spill very fast happened to me id say barely 5 mins in but she was obliging and let me go again
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    i would like a tv /ts search either intergrated into the female escort search option or as a new search option

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    Quote Originally Posted by breastyy View Post
    i would like a tv /ts search either intergrated into the female escort search option or as a new search option
    This x100,000,000,221,862.63.

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    I agree with everything that has been mentioned apart from point 6. Not even because I am morraly against it but because it is fully illegal as it would make the whole "time is for "companionship" only" thing void. Although it's common knowledge what goes on it is only because of this clause that our advertising is technically legal. That and it being based in the UK.

    It is for the same reason ladies cannot advertised things like "Anal- 20 euro extra, "CIM- 10 euro extra".
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    would also like more options for the favourties thing like on adult works says extra things like being filmed etc

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