Today we are launching 'Friends of TOBL', our supporters group.

If you are willing to give some of your time to help Turn Off the Blue Light, we invite you to join Friends of TOBL.

Friends of TOBL welcomes all supporters with time to give, including sex workers and sex worker clients, students, academics and professionals with an interest in sex work, and people with no connection to sex work, but who recognise the importance of our campaign and want to help. Whatever your skills, if you have time to give, you can get involved, be of help and make a positive difference.

Activities are coordinated via a private discussion forum and include discussing sex work, reading and research, assisting in projects, writing letters and documents, coming up with ideas, providing feedback, offering expertise and helping promote Turn Off the Blue Light.

We hope some of the people who have been so helpful to TOBL here will join our new forum.

You can register to join Friends of TOBL here:

Please note: All applications are manually reviewed by an administrator.