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    Heading to Krakow in a few months - anybody had any good experiences over there? We're on a stag do so after a few strippers I'm sure there'll be a few of us looking for somewhere to get to the next level!

    Any info much appreciated.

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    dublin, near airport


    run a google search for odloty ....its in english
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    Great city! You will have a blast, my advise would be check the websites which list the krakow girls like EI does for ireland...... you can prebook them. Then you can either taxi it out to them or better still if its a stag....... book a apartment in the city and have the girls all come to the lads .

    Oh and if you not been there before there is a express train link to the city which takes 15 mins from the airport and leaves you right in the cente or book a vip limo service for the boys and let the good times roll.

    Have fun.

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